Green signs cause minor kerfuffle

There was also a little tension between the Green and Conservative campaigns on the Sunshine Coast at the start of voting day Monday, when Green supporters decided to set up a sign line outside Conservative candidate Gabrielle Loren’s Sunshine Coast office in Davis Bay.

Loren said they asked the Greens to move on in the spirit of the gentlemen’s agreements that usually exist between campaigns but they didn’t, so the Conservative supporters went out with signs of their own.

“It’s not something I would have expected after how nice everything has gone,” said Loren shortly after the exchange.

One of the sign wavers from the Greens told Coast Reporter they chose the Davis Bay pier because of the visibility and she hadn’t realized it was the Conservatives’ main campaign office on the Sunshine Coast. “I think it was a kind of a misunderstanding,” she said. “I think we sorted out.”


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