Why you should buy local

More than ever, in todays digitally disrupted world and in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, we all need to consider what our priorities are as individuals, families and communities, within our global economy. We all cherish the quality of life that our wonderful area provides but it is in jeopardy.

When you are considering how you can individually support our wonderful community, let it start with a real commitment to supporting those that support us all. It is the local businesses that support every charity, every youth and most adult sports team, that hire our young folks and encourage them to stay local. These same businesses pay substantial property taxes and local fees that fund community programming, recreation facilities, parks and paths.

The local businesses in our community employ thousands of us, including many of your neighbors and friends. They provide personal service and advice, and go the extra mile to get you what you want.

Next time you call up a web page for an online retailer with your credit card in hand, take a moment to think about the signal you are sending. Is that “Amazing” online retailer going to contribute to our community? Will they be paying taxes to support our quality of life? Will they be providing jobs and careers in our community? Will they be supporting the arts and culture scene and youth sports?

The answers are clear. Without a strong local business community, this will not be the type of community that many of us will want to call home. Do your part and support local businesses by buying local. Don’t be fooled with saving a few pennies with online retailers that just take our hard earned money out of our community and into the coffers of their shareholders, likely in a different country.

Buy local or bye-bye local. 

- Peter Kvarnstrom, interim publisher

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