City warning residents about invasive plant

The City of Prince George is warning residents after it has received a number of reports of an invasive plant species called mountain bluet in the city.

The blue flowering plant, also known as perennial bachelor's button, is not native to central B.C. and has no predators or diseases to keep it in check, the city said on Facebook.

The plants have been spreading rapidly in the city's ditches and green spaces, and can crowd out native plants and reduce foraging opportunities for livestock and wildlife.

"If you see this plant, pull it up by the roots and dispose of it by putting it into a garbage bag and taking it to the landfill," the city said on Facebook. "You may need to go back the following years and pull out additional plants, since mountain bluet has a long-lived seed bank and may grow back after it is pulled. It is recommended that herbicides are only used when necessary."

The city is advising against allowing the plant to grow in your yard. Composting the plants if your yard can result in seeds spreading to your yard and garden, the city said.

For more information about invasive species in Prince George, go online to

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