Tsunami swimmers fare well at Okanagan Regional Meet in Kamloops

Kamloops Tsunami swimmers performed well on the weekend at the Okanagan Regional Meet, which was held in the Canada Games Aquatic Centre pool in the Tournament Capital Centre.

Jared Roberts recorded six personal-best times. Dominik Comparelli and Atticus Cooluris each recorded five personal-best times.

Tucker Bruneau, Aleah Freeman and Victoria Karpuk racked up four personal-best times apiece.

Natalie Bergeron, Sylvester Comparelli, Skye Cooluris, Zachary Gramiak, Michael Karpuk, Liam Klotz, Jorja Kopytko, Torrun Maurice, Luca McKay, Raina McEachern-Toombs, Michael O’Flaherty, Thea Prochotsky and Austin Waters each recorded three-personal best timess.

Caiden Blackall, Alexandra Karpuk, Myles Prochotsky and Kayleigh Roberts each posted two personal-best times.

In relay action, the open girls' 12- to 16-year-old team of Aleah Freeman, Victoria Karpuk, Thea Prochotsky and Kayleigh Roberts swam to a third-place finish in the 200-metre freestyle relay.

The girls' 17- to 19-year-old team of Natalie Bergeron, Alexandra Karpuk, Jorja Kopytko and Raina McEachearn-Toombs won silver in both the 200m freestyle and medley relays.

Caiden Blackall, Liam Blackall, Liam Klotz and Luca McKay, who make up the 11-and-under boys' team, finished first in both the 200m freestyle and medley relays.

The boys' 13- and 14-year-old team of Zachary Gramiak, Michael Karpuk, Tucker Bruneau and Jared Roberts finished second in both of their relay events.

Jack Savage, Andreas Sinats, Torrun Maurice and Myles Prochotsky placed first in the 200m medley relay in 17-and-over boys' action.

There were 225 swimmers in action last weekend, including 26 Kamloops athletes who combined for 96 top-five finishes in individual events.

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