Letter: A vaccinated KTW reader ponders the reason for the vaccine passport program


I have had both my COVID-19 shots. As such, it is easy to dismiss those who do not want to be vaccinated as “antivaxxers,” “radicals” or “nut jobs.”

But if I have to submit proof of my vaccination before I can shop or access a public venue, then I should have the right to demand proof that those serving me have also had their vaccinations.

Are we OK living in a society in which the government has the right to force people to have a medical procedure regardless of medical or religious issues — a society in which you must disclose your medical history to strangers, otherwise you cannot work, shop or socialize?

Assuming the vaccinations work, then we will not get sick if we have been vaccinated, so who cares if the infectious are among us?

It is a position backed up by the United States Centre for Disease Control, which stated regarding the delta variant: “Virtually all hospitalizations and deaths have been among the unvaccinated.”

If that is true then this passport idea is fear-mongering propaganda not designed to protect the general public, but about the impact the behaviour of the unvaccinated might have on the medical system.

If this is about the possible strain on health resources, then which is the next behaviour to be forcibly mandated? Smoking? Obesity?

As Thomas Jefferson was quoted as saying, “I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.”

Colin Noble


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