PRRD declares the state of agriculture a 'disaster'

The Peace River Regional District has declared the state of agriculture in the Peace to be a disaster. Directors had the discussion Thursday morning.

“The agriculture community is a disaster; and this will carry forward from 2019 to 2020,” said area B director Karen Goodings.  

“We need to let the province know this is a huge concern. It’s not just the grain producers, it’s everybody.” 

Vice chair of the PRRD Dan Rose agreed.

“We need to learn exactly how bad the situation is.”

Producers of all kinds are expected to be invited to the PRRD for an upcoming emergency meeting to help fill in directors as to the agriculture plight and disaster of the industry. Mayor Dale Bumstead said this was key.

“The ag sector is our foundation and it is important to hear from these representatives and agencies,” he said.

Goodings said it was a disaster for both field and livestock points view.

“No one has had a good year,” she said noting Grande Prairie declared a state of ag emergency earler this year.

“Crops are still on the fields and will not be pulled until the new year. ATVs should be told to stay off fields as well,” said Goodings.

It was suggested that producers and the PRRD attend to the capital to plead their case in person. 

“Impacted people can come with us to Victoria,” suggested Goodings.

“This is a message that should be going beyond the minister of agriculture and to the premier.”


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