Village of Pouce Coupe council, more respond to mayor’s online comments

The village named after the Chief of the Beaver Nation Pooscapee - held a meeting this afternoon concerning racist and hateful remarks about First Nations housing.

We demand that something be done,” said Richard Mineault this afternoon to Pouce Coupe Village council.

Mineault was on hand along with a concerned Pouce Coupe Dee Ro parent to speak to the last 24 to 26 hours of social media posts from Pouce Coupe mayor Lorriaine Michetti.

"Don't want Pipeline's? They want to protect our land. Yeah ok," Michetti wrote in a post to Facebook Wednesday, followed by pictures of homes strewn with garbage. The post drew swift condemnation from the community and political leaders, which many called "racist and hateful" for its apparent depiction of First Nations housing stereotypes.

The Village of Pouce Coupe made a pair of motions this afternoon, to remove Michetti from all boards and commissions she represents the village on, and for her resignation.

Mineault simply wanted to know what the next steps were after the meeting.

“What is the plan moving forward?”

Mineault spoke about education and how First Nations education and communication is lacking in the area in general.

Interim council chair Ken Drover agreed.

“We have offended many people. What is our way forward?”

Mineault noted that the story went somewhat viral and nationwide in less than a day.

“This was a racial assault on who we are.”

The council is in the midst of drafting an official response up Saturday afternoon.

Interim meeting chair Ken Drover said a sincere apology was due from Pouce Coupe council.

“We can’t explain them from the point of view of council; or the Village of Pouce Coupe. We do not condone racism in any form.”

Pouce CAO Chris Leggett said the situation was uncharted waters in his career as a municipal official.

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