Flashing lights proposed for Braden Road and Alaska Highway interection

The intersection at the Braden Road and Alaska Highway may soon have flashing lights and/or rumble strips.

The news comes to the Dawson Creek Mirror after PRRD asked British Columbia's Ministry of Transportation to look at safety of the intersection.

"(Braden Road intersections) and surrounding area are marked by simple stop signs which are not clearly visible to motorists entering the highway and has resulted in numerous accidents, near misses, and a recent fatality," said PRRD chair Brad Sperling.

"In the interest of enhanced safety for motorists in the region, the board respectfully requests that flashing lights be attached to existing stop signs to provide higher visibility for motorists, and that rumble strips be installed to alert drivers to highway intersection hazards."

It is something the province is taking seriously, says Transportation Minister Rob Fleming.

"As with any serious crash on our roads, the ministry will complete a comprehensive engineering review of the location, including its collision history and site conditions, to determine what safety improvements may be needed," said Fleming to the PRRD.

"I appreciate your advocacy on behalf of the travelling public, and I have shared your request for flashing red beacons and rumble strips with staff conducting the review for their consideration," he said.

It was a matter also touched upon by South Peace MLA Mike Bernier in January.

On each end of the road, before it joins the busy highways, there is a simple stop sign. On the road intersecting the Hart Highway the road continues straight through and in the dark, it can be deceiving as it looks like you can keep going across if you do not see the stop sign. Sadly, many people don’t see the stop sign in time to be able to stop before entering the highway," he wrote.



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