Pinching the law, sliding the alternative

Some years ago an MLA came to my door before an election soliciting votes. I asked what he thought of the 10 Commandments. He felt they were no longer applicable. That’s concerning!

  I was reading the recent article on the apparent growing favor for medically assisted deaths which is a sensitive subject and concern to all. After all, who wants to face a long drawn out death, especially accompanied with suffering? Nonetheless, be assured our entire society is racing down a very slippery slope. Because Canada has chosen to be an all embracing society, which meant the rejection of the Bible and the God of the Bible as being the Final Authority, we are left standing in the confusing quagmire of relativism.

Years ago I read an article regarding democracy, which apparently was a Greek concept. However, they said it would only work if the people maintained moral integrity, otherwise it would require a dictatorship to maintain order. I had a conversation with someone who told me that he didn’t need anyone to tell him what is right and wrong. Then he proceeded to explain that we needed a government and strong leader that would make the people do what they were supposed to do – interesting (I think he was just baiting me).

 Today we see the eternal moral laws of the 10 Commandments, being challenged at every level. For instance, under the law of God, taking the life of an innocent person is murder (that would include suicide). Now we are giving and have given that ability to others to do so at our supposed discretion. What does that make us and them in the eyes of God? Once that cat is out of the bag and this power is released to our authorities, have we not put a knife to our own throats? If we are a people who have no moral compass, but live our lives according to our convenience and opinions, have we any right to complain about our governments who exercise the same liberties? How will they be kept in check if our system fails? If we have no moral direction and follow no absolutes as individuals or society, are we not therefore vulnerable to the strongest voice and opinion?

Let me address this more clearly. Whatever the Bible calls sin, like murder, sexual immorality, drugs, lying, stealing… is obviously harmful to everyone involved. They can be compared to lethal viruses. As with Covid or any other disease for that matter, public opinion, sentiment, or positive thinking does not lessen their dangers. God has set His laws not only for our own good, but for our knowledge, understanding, and alertness. By making these behaviors acceptable will still not change their harmful impact.

  We are being promised supposed new and wonderful liberties, but are we aware of what we are giving up in exchange? Are we considering where they are taking us? BE WARNED!


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