Peace region MLAs talk Braden Road

Peace Region MLAs have teamed up on Braden Road and want to let Minister of Transportation Rob Fleming know it. 

The Braden Rd is highly utilized road that connects the Alaska Highway to Hart Highway, the pair write in a letter to Fleming.

On each end of the road, before it joins the busy highways, there is a simple stop sign. On the road intersecting the Hart Highway the road continues straight through and in the dark, it can be deceiving as it looks like you can keep going across if you do not see the stop sign. Sadly, many people don’t see the stop sign in time to be able to stop before entering the highway and we have had numerous accidents and near misses including one just recently, that took the life of a young man.

What we are asking is that the Ministry of Transportation install rumble strips and a blinking red light attached to the existing stops signs on both ends of the Braden Rd. By simply adding these warnings, it would greatly reduce accidents at these intersections, saving lives and preventing costly crashes.

Thank you for your quick response and action in getting these measures in place as soon as possible.


Mike Bernier MLA Peace River South and Dan Davies  MLA Peace River North


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