KUCHARUK: on the impending death of the hand towel

Nah, I do not want to talk about world events – too depressing. Let’s pick a gentler topic such as, “Have you noticed that washcloths/facecloths are getting bigger?”

After a friend mentioned that her recent purchase of facecloths seemed larger as they did not quite fit in her drawer where she commonly arranges said facecloths, I became intrigued. I went home and compared an old one to a new one.

Oh my goodness! Much like my expanding waistline, facecloths appear to be subject to performance enhancing drugs and ARE quite a bit larger than their previous iterations. I lost my measuring string, but I can say with some modicum of confidence that facecloths are getting bigger!

Also, while we are at it, is it a ‘washcloth’ or ‘facecloth’?

This growth of the facecloth seems to be in stark contrast to almost everything else that is getting smaller: bars of soap, shampoo bottles and potato chip bags.

Is this part of a wider conspiracy to quietly push out the hand towel; making the facecloth large enough to do double duty as a hand towel until one day when that space on the shelf between facecloths and bath towels no longer serves a purpose?

And while we are talking about bathroom thingy’s, what are your thoughts on the bathmat, toilet mat industry? I went to Walmart the other day to find a single item: a toilet mat. If you are unsure of what I speak, the toilet mat is a cushy mat that has a cutout so that it fits around the base of the toilet. I only wanted the toilet mat – nothing else. Could I find one? I could, but I would have to purchase a fluffy thing for the toilet seat as well as two additional mats for the bathroom floor. The only thing missing from the combo package was a crocheted cover for the toilet paper roll. I went everywhere in town, including Peavy Mart because generally Peavy Mart has thought of everything. Nothing, nada, kaput!

I have a hunch about the impending death of the hand towel. We can blame COVID as no one wants to dry their hands on a towel that has been used already. It is like going to a friends house for the night, hopping in the shower and seeing a lone bar of soap, “Ew! Not going to happen”.

Yes, these are the things I think about.

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