KUCHARUK: and now, on bossbabes

Scrolling through LinkedIn over the weekend, I came to a post about the use of terms like ‘Bossbabe’, ‘Mompreneur’ and “She EO” as a description of business owners who are female. The general consensus was that these were all cringe worthy terms that really do not have a place in the 2021 vernacular. 

I agree. Why do we keep using them?

Why do we need a term to delineate that a business is owned/managed by a woman? Throwing the word ‘babe’ into the mix does not necessarily inspire professionalism and further encourages the use of words in the boardroom like ‘honey, baby, darlin’, sweetheart’. Imagine introducing the CEO of a large Fortune 500 company to the stage with, “She is the ultimate Bossbabe and our very own SHE EO – please welcome, etc”. Cue the Helen Reddy single, ‘I am woman’ to be blasted from the sound system.


Might I suggest we toss, “Manpreneur” or “Dadpreneur” into the mix, both equally demotivating. 

The wild thing about the emergence of this terminology is that it was launched by women! A man didn’t come up with Bossbabe or She EO – he would have been crucified for entertaining such terminology. Does it make it okay that a woman is responsible?

Some may argue that the terminology is empowering to other women. I call bullcrap on that idea.

Let’s (women) quit validating our accomplishments and ourselves by giving our titles cutesy subtext. 

We don’t need to infer we are ‘babes’ in order to be celebrated as an accomplished female. 

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