So metal - DC senior athletes bring home medals!

The BC Seniors Games Society (BCSGS) is responsible to organize the games for men and women who are 55+ years of age to participate in one event in the Games.

Each year the games are held in a different community. This year on September 10-14 they were held in Kelowna, BC. There were approximately 4,000 participants in over 30 events. Officially, there are 12 Zones in the BCSGS and here in the BC North East we are Zone 12 including communities from Toms Lake, Dawson Creek, Taylor, Fort St. John, Fort Nelson, Hudson Hope, Chetwynd, Tumbler Ridge, and all territory in between.

This year, Zone 12 had 60 participants that traveled to Kelowna to participate in a variety of events. Archery, bridge, cribbage, cycling, equestrian, track and field, floor Curling, golf, horseshoes, ice curling, mountain bike racing, pickle ball, swimming, and table tennis.

Zone 12 participants brought home 29 medals as follows;

Swimming- Robin O’Reilly- gold, five silver

Cycling- Richard Wood- silver, two bronze

Horseshoes- Caron Jones- silver

Archery- Rick Ekkel- bronze

Track and Field-

Philip Rempel- two bronze

Cribbage- Dora Cummings/Jean Deter- bronze

Golf Medals 9 total: Ken Huntley- silver

Walter Wilson- bronze

Randy Morrow- silver

Terry Vandenbosch- bronze

Deb Bain- silver

Carol Pope- gold

Jean Slaney- bronze

Annette Reeder- bronze

Lloyd Hanberg- silver

Table Tennis medals 5 total:

Eira Lucas-bronze

Dorothy Dyer- bronze

Bill Bickford/Eira Lucas- bronze

Sandra Chapple- bronze

Track and Field metals:

Philip Rempel- two bronze

“I’m passionate about keeping active no matter what sport or what age you are,” said Robin O’Reilly.

Congratulations to all who received medals and participated in the games!

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