One year for DC recycling

It’s been one year since the City of Dawson Creek implemented recycling - yet garbage is still infiltrating recycling about a quarter of the time.

At the start of the program garbage contaminate percentage was low, showing 4.24% with a steady increase to 32.08% in June 2019, and numbers August 2019 currently showing 22.76%

Statistics show average contaminates for curbside waste is at 10% or lower provincially.

Needless to say there is some work to do on community residents to decrease these numbers.

The higher the contaminate numbers, the more hours employees at DC Recycling and Bottle Depot have to put in to sort, says manager Jeremy Parslow.

Many educational resources have been distributed to let the public know what can be placed in the bins, and what cannot.

For your reference:

- Household paper

- Hard plastic containers

- Foil and metal containers

- Disposable drink cups and lids

- Newspaper and magazines

- Cardboard boxes and boxboard

- Gable top containers and aseptic                                                             

(TetraPaks) cartons

- non-hazardous aerosol cans 



- Plastic bags of any kind including ziploc and pet food bags (unless they are paper)

- Glass

- Foam packaging  

Further information can be found on the Dawson Creek City District website or App, or contact DC Recycling and Bottle Depot.

Let’s all do our part to get those numbers down.

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