On the origins of GOLF

Modern golf has been a beloved sport dated back to the 1400’s in Britain, specifically Scotland. Scottish Kings James II and James IV outlawed the game believing it to conflict with military training. The sport slowly increased in popularity in the 1600’s. 

Mary, Queen of Scots played often having students carry her clubs whom she called cadets, which is where the word “caddie” is thought to originate from.

The first manufactured golf balls were made from leather stuffed with feathers which became difficult for people of lower class to afford, as they were expensive and time consuming to make. Clubs were made from the same material used today; wood and iron. 

The first golf club in Canada formed in 1873 was the Royal Montreal Golf Club.

It seems the census of the acronym “gentlemen only ladies forbidden” is a true fable as the word golf first appears in the 14th century where acronym’s were not used in the English language. It is believed that golf is derived from an old word meaning “club.” Many theories have been presented over the decades. 

Reported by Forbes magazine the golf sports industry is expected to revenue $73.5 billion in 2019. Golf’s popularity is rated below football, baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, and tennis.



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