Tumbler mountain bikers postpone track construction to 2021

The Tumbler Ridge Mountain Biking Association is postponing their plans for a 2020 pump tracks, moving construction to 2021. COVID-19 and a short build are cited as the top two reasons, says association Vice President Cameron Drever.
“COVID-19 put a damper on some of our fundraising initiatives and lead to questions of contractor availability early in the season,” said Drever. “Combined with our short build season here and the fact that we want to give the track some time to settle before going through a freeze-thaw cycle, we’re pushing the construction window to early next year.”
 It’s estimated that the construction of the pump track will take roughly three weeks to complete, depending on weather, site conditions, and equipment available.
Drevers says the project has grown into competition-grade paved pump track capable of hosting events, and hopes it will drive future tourism to Tumbler Ridge.
“There seems to be an appetite to develop Tumbler Ridge as a world-class mountain biking destination, and as an Association, we really want to capitalize on that,” said Drever.
The track itself will cost $20,000 to complete, and is being funded through the Peace River Regional District’s 2020 Recreational Trails Grant-in-Aid. The future track will be able to accommodate 10 to 15 riders at a time, depending on their skill level.
Drever says the association has moved to a community-focused and skills-based approach to encourage riders of all ages and skill levels to participate.
“Pump tracks are simple routes where riders of all ages can learn the fundamentals of mountain biking such as carrying momentum, balance and speed through a tight looping track,” said Drever.
The track will be located in the downtown core, southwest of the ridgeline where additional trail development is planned.
The association recently received a $500,000 grant from the province as part of a response to COVID-19. The money will be used to complete phase one of a build plan, with a trail accessing the ridge and two beginner level downhill trails.  

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