Headless, skinned wolf corpse propped up by Peace Region highway

The B.C. Conservation Officer Service says it has no cause to investigate a skinned, headless wolf carcass propped up along a highway near Tumbler Ridge by an apparent prankster.

The remains were spotted along Highway 52 east by a Tumbler Ridge woman, who posted a photo to a local Facebook group.

Sgt. Shawn Brinsky said there's much conservation officers don't know about the situation, including whether the person who killed the animal was the same person who put it by the road.

But he said it's unlikely the grisly display breaks any laws.

"Wolf season is open right now, so I have no reason to believe the wolf was harvested unlawfully," he told the Alaska Highway News.

The law requires hunters and trappers to remove wolf pelts so they're not wasted, he said, while heads are sometimes removed for displays. He added that the remains might have been pulled from a nearby carcass pit.

"We don't know if that animal was disposed of in (a carcass pit) and someone thought they'd be a smart aleck and take it out and display it there," he said.

Tumbler Ridge operations manager Doug Beale said the highway is not the district's jurisdiction, but said he'd heard the carcass had been knocked over into the road ditch.

"It makes you wonder about some people," he said. "I just don't get it."

The carcass could be considered litter in the eyes of the law, Brinsky added.

"It's the same offence as taking a McDonald's cup and throwing it out the window," he said. "But it's a sick sense of humour, absolutely."  


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