Ribbons cut at Pouce Coupe and Area D community police office

The red ribbon was cut this morning on the new CPO – or community police office in Pouce Coupe. Village mayor Lorraine Michetti said the word of the day was collaboration.

“We are thankful for being able to reach an agreement and make this possible for the village,” she says.

The sentiment was echoed by Area D director Leonard Hiebert, who noted the increased police presence only helps the rural areas.

“We need that RCMP exposure out here.”

Staff Sgt. Damon Werrell said it was a chance to increase the RCMP’s rural enforcement and presence. He said with about 20 percent of funding coming for and from rural enforcement – that around 20 percent of their job should be based on rural enforcement.

“We have six rural officers and there has been nowhere to work out of other than Dawson Creek,” he says noting the village could see in increase in old school police foot traffic.

“I’d love to see officers walking the beat.”

An RCMP sign will go up immediately, adds Michetti.

“We feel this will go a long way to protect our residents and businesses in the village and rural areas.”

The village is providing the office space to the RCMP in their fire hall at no charge.


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