Residents on Elevator Road subdivision want paving

A number of residents of a subdivision on Elevator Road in Pouce Coupe want to see the road paved to their subdivision.

“Where the speed bumps on the pavement there, people are taking it slow through that portion of the community, but once they get past that, we kind of get dusted out, and there’s kids in the neighbourhood,” Pouce resident Jesse Milliken told council at the May 1 meeting.

The residents also noted truck traffic on the road as a concern.

Developer Jonathan Simmons, of Ascension Builders, says when they did the development about four years ago, the plan was initially to pave it right away, with them possibly paying for half of it.

“I asked for something in writing before we started selling lots, so now we couldn’t disclose to any of the buyers that the village might pave and there might be taxes on there for paving,” he said. “When you look at the cost of paving versus 27 lots, it’s a way bigger bang for your buck than any other street out there.

“All we ask is that it be considered for next year.”

CAO Chris Leggett said Elevator Road wasn’t considered in the paving budget for this year, but could be looked at for next year. Mayor Lorraine Michetti told them to come back in January ahead of next year’s budget season.

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