Reaction to the Pouce post office break-ins

The post office in Pouce Coupe was hit again.

According to Mayor Lorraine Michetti, the break-in occurred early last Friday morning. 33 mailboxes were affected and it required 11 hours to clean up. This follows several reports of mailbox break-ins in the South Peace.

Residents don’t like it.

“It’s stupid, it’s wrong,” says Anne Clayton, a Pouce resident. “I like this post-office, so anytime this occurs, I get angry about it.”

She’s not personally worried about her own mail.

“They’re after cash that might be in there, it’s a quick break-in.”

“There’s a lot of thefts recently,” says Wally Prytula, Pouce resident.

“It makes me feel very uncomfortable,” one Pouce resident shared. “All your information is out there.

“Credit card bills, all kinds of stuff.

“I kind of feel violated,” says another Pouce resident. “That’s pretty scary.

“You think that if you had a sealed mailbox with a key, you’d be safe, I guess there’s nowhere safe anymore. Crime is rampant everywhere.”

The Village of Pouce Coupe is currently looking for quotes for security cameras for the downtown core, a project they put on the list for budget pre-approval after a previous break-in on Sunday, March 31. 

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