Pouce to issue burning permits for backyard campfires

The Village of Pouce Coupe will once again be issuing burning permits, but only for backyard campfires.

Village council had previously agreed to put a hold on issuing any burning permits after a burning for which they issued a permit on January 29 garnered complaints due to smoke and ultimately undue attention from the conservation office due to the ventilation index.

At the time, Village office officials noted they did not consider the ventilation index. Staff are currently working on updating the fire bylaw, but CAO Chris Leggett notes they are a couple of months away from presenting it to council.

Councillor Ken Drover had presented the motion to council at the April 3 council meeting, which allows the Village to issue permits for category 1 fires — backyard fires no larger than 0.5 metres high and 0.5 metres in diameter.

“Residents can burn dry, woody material. Burning of any yard waste, garbage, and construction debris is strictly prohibited,” reads the notice issued by the Village.

“Open burning is only permitted during good venting conditions and when there is no regional fire ban.”


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