Hillcrest burning in Pouce called off

The burning of the Hillside Motel cottages this weekend is a no-go.

Last week, the Village of Pouce Coupe had announced they were torching the four cottages for training for the Pouce volunteer fire department and other local fire departments. It was described as the Village’s one opportunity to get rid of the buildings, which had a negative effect on property values and crime.

Some residents wrote into council protesting the burn, citing the smoke and other byproducts of the fire as concerns.

However, Village staff say they received a call from WCB last night saying the burning could not take place until a hazardous materials assessment took place. According to staff, someone had told WCB that hazardous materials — ie asbestos, lead — could be present.

While the burning could theoretically take place after a such an assessment takes place, the Village notes that it would fall to the property owner, and he is under no obligation to pay for such an assessment.


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