Fire Chief calls for consistent, region-wide rural address standard

Pouce Fire Chief Blair Deveau says inconsistent or non-existent rural address numbers throughout the region are a concern.

He wants first responders to be on a consistent, and same page for regional emergency responses.

“We’re trying to see if there is something we can get consistent across the region,” said Deveau today about his proposal for consistent rural address signage throughout the PRRD.

“It will only help mutual aid responses if every rural address is listed the same,” he said noting Nova Scotia and Ontario are consistent with rural addressing and signage.

“We might have to look at sign heights for snow fall up here, and that sort of thing in our game plan.”

Deveau notes some addresses in rural areas in the region are not visible enough, due to placement on rocks and fence posts, or can become easily covered by snow.

“(Some) are not easily seen from the road, some on fence post, some on rocks, and some if it snows more than a foot they are covered,” Deveau noted in a letter to the PRRD.

PRRD directors are expected to discuss the idea at their October 22 meeting.

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