Encana talks Briar Ridge

Encana were in Pouce Coupe informing them of upcoming work at Briar Ridge, bringing in subject experts from Calgary to the information session last Tuesday.

“Encana’s looking at developing three new pads in that east of Briar Ridge area that will have multiple wells drilled off of each pad,” says Brian Lieverse, community relations advisor for Encana.

“We do need to do some Minister of Transportation Infrastructure road widening and improvements to allow us to develop these three pads.”

In attendance were largely landowners connected to the project, Encana is required to consult with residents 1.8 km of the pads.

Conerns included noise, traffic, light, and dust caused by it.

“We do a number of things to alleviate those concerns, which includes everything from dust control, sound suppression panels, watering or dust control to minimize activities during certain times if possible,” Lieverse says.

“We try to keep our big trucks off the road when school buses are on, as an example.”


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