Caribou plan will go forward with or without consensus; says province

The provincial message is clear - a caribou plan will go forward with or without consensus.

Raylene Otto, Land and Resource Coordinator for the BC Caribou Recovery team noted this was the direction during an October PRRD slide show review.

"It will be hard to be welcoming to agree to another form of Government on the same species," said PRRD director and Chetwynd Mayor Allen Courtoreille.

Regardless of the ram through, Otto hopes to have PRRD at the table for input.

"We are hoping to set a meeting with PRRD with stakeholders who want to take part.”

While existing Sec .11 of the Species at Risk Act (SARA) regulates the draft of a conservation agreement and caribou preservation, Otto says this is happening. 

"With or without Sec. 11 we will be going ahead regardless of consensus and predator management will go ahead before the round table,” added Otto. 

Otto outlined next steps for the PRRD.

Phase one includes; engagement with First Nations, snowmobile clubs, naturalist ect and meeting separately to hear the concerns of each. Phase two includes; holding a large table with one representative from each considering local, traditional knowledge, and policies for recommendation of a consensus. Phase three includes; implementation by early next year.

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