PRRD talks giving facilities back to user groups

The PRRD is discussing thirteen rural community recreation grounds and facilities – and is considering giving control of them to user groups.

“The properties have been acquired over a number of years, for a number of purposes, to fulfill an important role as community hubs and gathering spaces. Many of the properties owned by the PRRD have been acquired through Free Crown Grants, transfers from Provincial Ministries, or through the private sale or donation,” reveals a PRRD report released today.

Director Karen Goodings said these facilities are key to communities.

“These are the hearts of the communities in many cases,” she said.

Acquisition of these properties has taken place since the late 1970s. The properties in question are the Buick Creek Recreation Grounds, Cache Creek Community Hall, Golata Creek Community Hall and Recreation Grounds, Goodlow Recreation Area (formerly Moose Creek), Halfway Community Hall, Halfway Community Gymkhana Grounds, Northland Trailblazers Recreation Grounds and Chalet, North Peace Fall Fairgrounds, Osborn Community Hall, Rose Prairie Grounds, Kelly Lake Community Centre, Jackfish Community Centre and Moberly Lake Community Centre

CAO Shawn Dahlen noted the PRRD had title to most of these facilities.

“As it sits right now we have title to nine of these 13.”

Goodings noted currently that volunteers are thinking they are not volunteering for their community at these halls.

“Volunteers feel that they are not volunteering for community, but rather the PRRD. That is the feeling that you get,” she said.

Director Dan Rose said groups were noting the process of getting work done was cumbersome.

“I hear from the groups it is cumbersome to ask for permission on everything. By the time they deal with the back and forth, construction season is over,” he said, suggesting long term leases were also an option.

“There is an opportunity here to formalize these agreements. They are all over the place.” 

Directors noted further work and discussion will be done on the matter.


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