PRRD agriculture survey open until December 18

The PRRD has opened a survey to gather data from local area producers on how they have been affected this year.

In November, the Peace River Regional District has declared the state of agriculture in the Peace to be a disaster.

“The agriculture community is a disaster; and this will carry forward from 2019 to 2020,” said area B director Karen Goodings.  

Vice chair of the PRRD Dan Rose agreed.

“We need to learn exactly how bad the situation is.”

Producers of all kinds were invited to the PRRD for an emergency meeting to help fill in directors as to the agriculture plight and disaster of the industry.

Glen Mielke from the Ministry of Agriculture noted it was a challenge getting information from agriculture producers.

“We don’t know how much is harvested, how much is not,” he told directors recently.

In late November the Regional Board held a Special Meeting to meet with representatives from agricultural groups and agencies to discuss the difficult conditions faced by local agricultural producers due to unfavorable weather conditions, and the resulting impacts on producers, businesses, and residents of the Regional District. The PRRD is expected to invited Minister of Agriculture, Hon. Lana Popham to the Peace Region to see the effects of the poor weather in 2019 first hand.

Prior to her visit, the PRRD is asking Peace Region Farmers to complete a short survey about how the poor weather in 2019 has affected producers and businesses. The survey will be open from December 5th – 18th. Data from the survey will be used to inform a report to be drafted and presented to give an outlook on the Agriculture Industry in the region.

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