Caribou dance continues

Chetwynd meeting goes February 29.

When it came to caribou discussions last week at the GDI – reconciliation was the word of the day. 

“Reconciliation means looking at yourself first before moving forward,” said Chetwynd mayor Allen Courtoreille, who referenced a sharp back pain once or twice during a DC and District Chamber of Commerce panel discussion last week. 

He was joined by MP Bob Zimmer, former caribou negotiator Blair Lekstrom, and PRRD director Dan Rose.

 “The Federal and Provincial governments should have had our backs and they put something else there instead,” Courtoreille added. 

Rose said the writing was on the wall in 2017 when the PRRD first waded into discussion regarding protecting habitat from TB. 

“This started as caribou recovery, then we were told that something new was happening and that it was not good.” Rose spoke on endorsing the process by sitting around the table. “A process (and plan) this bad is not something we want to endorse.” 

Member of Parliament Bob Zimmer echoed the bass line dropped by Rose and Courtoreille. 

“There were four meetings scheduled and each of them cancelled,” he riffed. 

“They didn’t want to meet in public settings.” 

Cindy Lou Potter said the reality was nothing was going to stop the province of Federal government. “I see a lot of defeated faces.” 

Ken Cameron said the answer was simple – no more games. 

Another public meeting is expected in Chetwynd.

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