Boreal Centre launches virtual tour

Moberly Lake’s Boreal Centre for Sustainability launched a virtual tour today, highlighting their orchard and agro-ecology projects. The tour can be viewed online and features a series of videos.
Centre founder and local agrologist Reg Whiten provided Dawson Creek Mirror with a private tour.
With careful tending, the orchards are expected to last ten years and more, providing a variety of fruits, including cherries, plums, pears, and haskap berries.
“This is probably the highest of elevation of a haskap, this is a bit of mini version,” said Whiten, noting research trials have also been done in Chetwynd at the Peace Christian School
Haskap berries are mixed with rows of clover, which changes the soil and helps sweeten the berries. The berries are expected to reach full maturity in three years.
A solar powered irrigation system provides all the water the plants will need.
NEAT Eco-farm Skill Worker Laurent Bergeron also joined the tour. Bergeron was hired this May to help the Northern Cohort with their farm initiatives.
“We added biodegradable mulch, it’s a kind of plastic that degrades in a year or two,” said Bergeron. “We planted 200 haskaps in two days, and raspberries. That’s a lot of planting in two days.”
Summer students Dylan Shaw and Ben Scheufler installed the irrigation systems.
“Just like one man’s trash might be another man’s treasures, another man’s weeds might be someone else’s medicine,” said Whiten.

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