The grass can be greener, much quicker, on the hydro seeded side of the fence

If you need to landscape or restore an area with grass, turf is likely your first thought, right?

And if you’re fortunate enough to already have decent soil on your site, a good scattering of grass seed is probably your second option.

But what if there was a quicker, more cost-effective and better way of getting the grass growing?

Rivercity Mini Excavating has the answer - it’s called hydro seeding.

“Hydro seeding is a faster method of planting that uses a wet mixture of seed, mulch and fertilizer,” says Rick Oulette, owner who runs the Powell River business. “It’s a superior method and is an alternative to the traditional way of using dry seed.”

You may have seen hydro seeding done along highways and large areas using a big spray nozzle to deposit the mixture along the ground in a quick and uniformed manner, over pretty much any type of soil-covered terrain.

It’s much less labour intensive than laying down hefty rolls of turf, or hit and miss with spreading seed on soil that can wash away if not properly mixed into the ground.

“With hydro seeding, we can cover all types of landscape from hilly to flat,” Rick says. “It grows better, faster and stronger than other methods, if the customer continually waters the hydro seed, keeping it moist. You can also see results much faster than dry seeding.

“It’s quick, fast and convenient. The key is it must stay moist.”

The addition of hydro seeding to Rivercity Mini Excavating’s list of services was driven by customer demand in the Powell River area where Rick also provides work on the following:

• Full service excavation

• Trenching

• Landscaping

• Lot clearing

• Back filling

• Water/sewer/storm services

• Dump truck services

Rivercity Mini Excavating has been in operation since 2004 and serves commercial and residential customers in the Powell River area.

The firm is committed to keeping up-to-date with excavating technologies and prides itself on providing safe and price competitive work.

For more information about the benefits of hydro seeding, or other jobs that require excavating services, visit, email, or call 604-483-1294.

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