Something new brewing up for craft beer fans

If you’ve been wanting to try something new in the world of U-Brew beers and are a fan of craft-style pours, Westview U-Brew’s recent changes can get you raising a pint in time to celebrate the tale end of summer.

Westview U-Brew’s Jeremy East says his operation is nearly finished switching over to producing all-grain beers instead of those made from malt extracts, a shift which has helped open the taps to brewing a range of beers you’d expect from a craft brewery.

“Brewing all-grain means we will be able to produce a better final product,” East explains. “You are going to notice a lot fresher taste.

“When you use malt extracts, you notice a distinctive taste - a residual caramel flavour - whereas directly from grain, I will have a lot more control over the product to make a refreshing, clean and clear beer.”

Some of those styles now available include a chocolate porter, Belgian doubles and triples, plus many others.

“Essentially, we can do pretty much anything you’d expect at a craft brewery.”

Some of the styles include: German Pilsner, Cervesa, Breakwater IPA, and Octoberfest.

“One type that has been gaining popularity is our kolsch, which is a lot more common in the beer industry.”

The all-grain method allows East to also get more realistic on styles, which gives the customer the opportunity to try products more closely aligned with some commercial products.

“I can do the Corona Pacific Coast style with Mexican lagers, or the Canadian lagers like Kokanee and Molson Canadian.”

But for craft beer fans or those who are curious and want to step outside their normal picks, the switch to all-grain brewing provides the perfect opportunity.

“Knowing where the craft beer industry grew from with the influence from the home brew side, there is now a lot more experimentation by customers who are not afraid to try new things,” East says.

“With the big name breweries, they are just brewing the same type of beer every day. In the craft beer world, they are making new recipes and pushing the boundaries all the time. That’s what we want to be able to offer our customers.”

Reaction has been good as customers have started to explore the possibilities.

“We are seeing some long-time customers who have been used to brewing a more mainstream beer for quite a while now branch out into something new,” East says.

And if you make a choice now, the brewing time will allow you to enjoy your new brew for the second half of summer.

For more information about U-Brewing your own batch of all-grain beer, visit

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