Letter: Unanswered questions

I am writing to voice my concerns about the mayor and majority of City of Powell River Council’s response to the resignations from various committees  [“Powell River council outlines resignations from city committees,” January 22]. The last line of the article: “Why are community leaders and professionals leaving the city’s directorships and select committees?” needs to be thoroughly addressed.

It is distasteful and distressing reading reactions about the resignations from mayor Dave Formosa and councillor George Doubt. They are both glossing over serious concerns that those resignations have raised. Why is it acceptable that the mayor and Doubt are chair/co-chair of the community finance advisory committee (CFAC)? Their presence and interpretation of the city’s finances does not create a safe and conducive environment for a citizen committee to effectively review city finances.

Pat Martin is raising an alarm that should be addressed. When you have seasoned professionals resigning from what should be considered vital community committees, it dumbs down the process to rubber stamping the mayor and council’s actions. In particular, the CFAC now remains an all-male committee. How can that be considered a committee made up of a cross section of Powell River?

Until the mayor and council recognize that many taxpayers/citizens are greatly concerned about the way the city budgets/spends money, these committees become nothing more than time-wasting façades.

J.W. Blom
Ontario Avenue, Powell River

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