Editorial: Water woes

Clearly, many Powell River residents are against bottling of water, but how many are against buying bottled water?

More than 200 people took the time to write a letter to the city opposing council’s recent decision, which directed staff to prepare an amendment bylaw to the city’s zoning bylaw that permits water bottling, except from groundwater sources, with a complementary amendment requiring a business to demonstrate the source is not groundwater.

More than 200 letters is significant; maybe not compared with the thousands of eligible voters in the city, but still, they represent a collective voice, or a lobby, especially if they are successful in convincing council to reconsider its decision, also known in the political world as a flip-flop.

Even if they are successful, will it have any effect on the water-bottle-buying public? Companies would not make a product if people chose not to purchase it.

Those opposed to the decision have their hearts in the right place, putting the environment above for-profit companies, but the real battle is convincing regular purchasers of bottled water to change their ways, then issues such as these will no longer come before councils, here or elsewhere.

When it comes to purchasing the final product, bottled water is far from hard to find. It’s not a matter of who sells it, but more like, who doesn’t? Various sizes are available in large grocery stores and smaller convenience stores. Even some non-food-selling retailers sell water.

Only the masses can create change with their actions. Are you going to change your ways?

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