Letter: On and off the bus

To the thousands of upper and lower Sunshine Coast residents who signed the petition to reinstate the bus service of 10 years ago, I am saddened to inform you that our presentation fell on not only deaf ears, but boredom on the part of City of Powell River Council, with the exception of Jim Palm, who had travelled and saw how some bus services could work in other countries [“Petition for better bus service draws 2,000 signatures in Powell River,” September 9].

We appear to continue to have the fractured service that is in place now with the on and off the bus and ferry to Horseshoe Bay, and once there, you are on your own.

All the angry remarks about the ride to the ferry we have now have fallen on deaf ears. Council talks about taking baby steps with perhaps, in time, a bus from Powell River to Horseshoe Bay that may happen, and once again you are left there to make the rest of your trip on your own.

We, the presenters of the petition, felt no one on council really seemed to see the major difficulty of the ride to the city that is in place now and perhaps in time a buddy system could be implemented. Are we truly that far behind in 2019?

Rae Fitzgerald
Michigan Avenue, Powell River

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