Site C workforce at 4,428 in December

Employment on the Site C dam dipped to 4,428 in December.

Figures released Tuesday show the workforce down by 513 from November.

As of Feb. 2, there were 1,013 workers reported at camp, including five in self-isolation. Under public health orders, the project is allowed up to 1,566 workers.

Site C employment by job groupings, December 2020. Source: BC Hydro

The number of workers — and the proportion from any particular location — will vary month-to-month and also reflects the seasonal nature of construction work,” said spokesman Dave Conway.

Of the December workforce, one-fifth was local, with 880 Peace region residents employed as construction and non-construction contractors, down nearly 100 month over month.

Site C employment monthly trends. Source: BC Hydro

There were 3,1731 B.C. workers, or 72%, working for construction and non-construction contractors, and in engineering and project team jobs.

BC Hydro reported 160 apprentices for the month, as well as 347 indigenous people and 462 women working on the project.

Monthly trends for indigenous and women workers at Site C. Source: BC Hydro

There were two temporary foreign workers employed in specialized positions, BC Hydro said, and another 35 managers and other professionals working under the federal international mobility program.

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