No Koolaid drinkers, please

Well folks, I have written many articles that have been published in the Alaska Highway News, many of which were also copied to the City of Fort St. John. I have never received a written response from the City, except for one from David Joy.

How naïve of me - I ought to have known - it is the City's policy to NOT RESPOND to articles or opinions in the media (except when they choose to).

So... I am going to start to re-post all those letters on the City's website and Facebook page and any other social media they have - so that all can see that I asked many, many valid questions that impact all our citizens and taxpayers. We'll see if they respond with logical open answers, or if they descend into CYA with tons of words.

There is going to be a byelection soon, and we all would be well served if the person elected chooses to NOT drink the City Council Koolaid. A rabble rouser, trouble maker, who asks the tough questions in OPEN session and demands complete answers on behalf of all of us.

Let's wait and see.

— Steve Thorlakson, Fort St. John

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