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Fake medical

Code Orange exercise at RIH

Nursing student Derek Brown was one of the pretend casualties as Royal Inland Hospital went through a mass-casualty exercise known as Code Orange.


Haunting harp melody

Second-year TRU student Zachary Morris built his own harp and played it for a performance-art project.

Christmas Lights

Musical light display

This lively light display at Rivershore changes to the rhythm of music you can listen to on your radio at 90.1.

You just won $15,000

Surprise! You just won $15,000

Bill Holomay knew about the $50 gift certificate. What he didn't know was that his name had also been drawn for the $15,000 grand prize in the Daily News Santa's Choice ...

Kamloops Dispatch Centre

What happens when you call 911?

Gord Schroeter shows us the drill.

Gingerbread House

How to make a great gingerbread house

Chef Danny Thompson at Kamloops Seniors Village gives advice.

How to survive polar bear swim

How to survive a polar bear swim

Joe Picton stands by the Thompson River in his swim trunks to give tips on how best to prepare for an icy dip on New Year's Day.