Piles of snow at curb hard for some to pirouette over

Re: City Keeps Running Day In and Day Out (The Daily News, Jan. 6).

As a senior, I was glad to see that after a snowfall City Coun. Nancy Bepple is
always happy to wake up and know the roads are clear.

Well good for her! Obviously she has a graduate degree in ballet that allows her to skin and pirouette over the high piles of snow left at the curbs by snowplows.

The majority of seniors do not have this ability (especially if they need any type of mobility device) but maybe Coun. Bepple would like to conduct some classes and show us how to avoid fractures of legs, hips, etc.

As for bus stops, perhaps she could explain how the drivers (due to high banks of snow) are to get close enough to the curbs to either lower boarding ramps or otherwise allow passengers to board safely, as that is a prime concern of transit.

And yes, the Kamloops Fire Dept. is on duty 24/7 and very proactive. A fact not mentioned is that Kamloops has always had the best fire department, bar none, in Canada.

At least Coun. Bepple is at work keeping citizens aware of how the City not only spends taxpayers' money but how she works to earn her share of it.



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