Daily News wasn't given decent chance to succeed

I understand the furor of social media . . . the ease of access provided by the cyber world.

I understand that to access the daily happenings of Toronto, New York, London, Madrid, or Kamloops, just Google up the local newspaper. A part of life that most now take for granted.

What I don't understand is you wake up one morning to the CBC Newscast
proclaiming the Kamloops Daily News is no more. Times have changed, the printed world is a thing of the past.

Wow, the Kamloops Daily News no longer has any "business value." Simply put, the Kamloops Daily News can't pay the bills.

Is the big guy, Glacier Media, to blame? How about going lean and mean? Can this paper be viable with "half the staff?"

Here's a thought, talk to your community, talk to your corporate money brokers, talk to Mel. Maybe there is an intellectual and a financial alternative to shut down the printed word of a community where demographics suggest the significant number of baby boomers absolutely love their coffee and newspaper every morning!

Quality of life - I suggest coffee and the Kamloops Daily News plays a big role.
Heartbeat of the city - I suggest the Kamloops Daily News plays a significant role.

Social, political, moral dialogue - I suggest the Kamloops Daily News plays a huge role.
Glacier Media, you can justify this as a good business decision but know this, myself and many others consider this a selfish decision, a decision that not even Mel Rothenburger was aware of nor the City of Kamloops.

A decision made, like with many corporate giants without any consulting or consideration of all the folks that have supported your company for eight decades only to see you jump ship.

Have you considered:

A. Community consultation

B. Outside-the-box solutions

C. Talking to Mel

D. None of the above

Correct answer: D

Glacier Media, give us one year. Put input on this decision in the hands of the people, the City of Kamloops, an entrepreneur. Don't put the dedicated employees of one of your very best publications on short notice to unemployment. Don't leave this wonderful city of Kamloops without the printed media - it's just wrong!

It would truly be a crying shame!


Spences Bridge

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