Criticism of Tories deserved

Re: Senate Scandal Overshadows Good Works, McLeod Says (The Daily News, Jan. 2).

Cathy, you just don't get it. It wasn't just the crooked Conservative senators getting caught.

It was the corruption that led to most in the PMO office being fired or reassigned. It was the constant lying by our prime minister, you know - only Nigel knew about the cheques and oh, yeah, I fired him, he didn't resign.

It's about the loss of the agricultural research centre in Kamloops without a word from you.

The loss of 50 postal worker jobs since you were elected, again without a word to support your local.

It's the probable loss of another 50 postal workers in the next year or two, again referring to them as a burden on the taxpayer.

By the way, speaking of burdens, I noticed you have three offices. If everyone uses email now, perhaps you could cut it down to one and pay for the $31,808 that taxpayers spent flying your husband out to see you.

Oh, and that issue of two-tiering the post-war benefits of the soldiers you and your party put in harm's way (some of whom are no longer with us).

I know, Cathy, you really do care. It's time for you and Kamloops citizens to wake up.



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