Closure of newspaper will leave a void in household

Suddenly the world will become more distant unless everyone learns the computer. Although it seems so simple to some, it goes completely over my head.

However, the time has come with the closing of our beloved Kamloops Daily - the paper I have known since my parents had it mailed to us on Agate Bay Road, some 70 years ago, and the paper my three children delivered on routes in Brocklehurst.

My day begins with reading the paper while eating breakfast. Mark and Danna are here bright and early each day.

Oh, how I'll miss the feel of the paper. I'll miss the columns by Mel (Rothenburger), Richard (Wagamese) and (Jack) Knox, the court reports and local news; also, the TV guide, Dear Abby, sports and comics and the huge crossword on Saturday.

To all the staff, I am so sorry. Thank you for your years of service.

The past three weeks have given us two huge blows. First to lose our mail service and now our local news that has been a part of us for so long.

I for one will be sure to miss you all.



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