Approval at a glance

The Ajax File: All That Glitters - Part 5 of 5

The scope of Ajax Mine has triggered environmental assessment reviews by both the provincial and federal governments, which have independent offices to review projects.

KGHM and Abacus Mining have submitted initial environmental and engineering studies to both offices in Victoria and Ottawa. A public hearing and public input process were conducted in July.

KGHM-Abacus is now in the process of preparing and submitting reports and detailed studies to address concerns raised publicly, as well as by government agencies.

Once complete, it will be submitted to the review agencies, which will trigger a second public review process.

The offices then issue an assessment report to determine if, and how, projects can proceed while meeting environmental and social objectives.

Victoria and Ottawa cabinet ministers will independently issue decisions on whether the project can proceed.

If given the green light, a certificate is issued and the project must continue to meet standards ensured by government monitoring.

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