Thanks to special group of grads

A letter to the Dallas elementary Kindergarten Class of 1997/98: Lindsay Bett, Kymbrlee Edgeworth, Kara Fortin, Paige Gallant, Lyndsay Grant, Dale Hexemer, Adam Hunt, Nick Joyce, Stefan Ketter, Brittany Morris, Daniel Ondang, Erik Petersen, Sheldon Ralston, Katlynn Rowe, Kyle Smith, Alix Swint, Kaitlin Veillette and Jillian Viezzer.

Congratulations to you on your achievement! It was such an honour to be invited to your high school graduation. This held special significance for me because you were the last class of my 35-year teaching career and even yet, 13 years later, each and every one of you holds a special place in my heart.

Always remember the butterflies we released on that final day how each beautiful creature fluttered away on the breeze as it entered adulthood just as you are about to do.

With heartfelt gratitude.



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