Let's take civic pride in being a blue-collar town

Every day I pick up a copy of The Daily News (about $10 a week for those of us apartment dwellers unable to get delivery) and, every morning, for at least the last two years, I have become instantly nauseated by yet another passionate letter from a p-cube (protest prone personality) or inane op-ed about Ajax.

I would happily spend the whole 10 bucks for a single copy of The Daily that for even one day allowed the front page to cover the initiation of the nuclear war in Europe, the annihilation of New Orleans by a tsunami, or even the City council's decision to hold its weekly meetings in China, Japan, or even Bali.

Additionally, it would be factual were The Daily to acknowledge that Kamloops will never become a 'destination point' for vacationers, such as Kelowna or Penticton.

A dirty river, two major railroads competing for obnoxious noise and diesel fumes in the middle of town, and the twinning of B.C.'s two major 'through-point' traffic arteries will forever preclude our wonderful town from suffering the implosion of those thousands of tourists who flock to the sandy beaches and placid lake waters of our southern neighbours.

However, unlike our 'competition,' we do have sustainable industries that collectively pay a hell of a lot more property taxes than the businesses that line Victoria Street, each with several employees at minimum wage, and each of which would collapse absent the high-paid jobs at our nearby mills, mines, and plants.

But let's not forget: Thanks to some 'truly brilliant predecessors,' Kamloops council overcame our God-given (or not given) lack of natural resources by establishing the infrastructure that 'demands' the attention of Canada-wide sporting events, and, in addition, has the God-given beauty and wonder of the second largest ski resort in B.C., both of which we Kamloopsians are deservedly proud.

But as for The Daily's predisposition to exalt the wonders of a 'Waldorf Astoria' overlooking two major railroads that compete for noise and exhaust fumes 24/7, or a 'Carnegie Hall' in Valleyview, dream on; they'd both be bankrupt in a month.

Is there nobody in else in this town with the guts to accept that we have the unique locale that benefits hugely from major industrial growth and a 'civic pride' in being who and what we are - a blue collar town with railroads, mines, mills, and major highways?

Billy Miner didn't rob a Penticton train - it wasn't worth it then and wouldn't be worth it now. Billions of dollars in the till are worth a hell of a lot more than 'conjecturing' about esoteric BS.

As to Ajax, unlike the 'p-cubes' (including you, Mel), I'm prepared towait until the professionals in the provincial and federal environmental agencies submit their reports. The silliness of presuming that either The Daily, or City council, has a say in the matter is beyond belief, and The Daily does no good whatever by postulating about which three-dimensional images or 'what transparency' would suit Aberdeen or the editor; it ain't about Aberdeen, Mel, it's about Kamloops.

So get the facts, andsince neither you nor council has a whit of clout when push comes to shove, why not tell those who want to bitch to complain to those who do: I might join them in hassling the province and feds, but not local councillors.



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