Oaten: My experience with a holistic dentist

If you search for "mercury toxicity" on Google, or read books about toxicity in the body, you will find all kinds of information that could frighten you, if you have amalgam (silver) fillings. These fillings contain one of the most toxic substances - mercury, and there is more information coming out about how these fillings may lead to many chronic and serious health issues over time.

Not only that, but some of the research I have done, says that having them removed by a conventional dentist may be putting you at risk for toxic overload and exposure to the mercury during the removal process. This kind of freaked me out.

I weighed the information on both sides. One side was my conventional dentist who is a great dentist, but removes fillings the same way all other dentists do, without taking additional precautionary measures to protect the patient from the mercury exposure during the removal process.

The second side was to get informed about the possible dangers of having a toxic substance in your mouth, constantly seeping small amounts of poison into your bloodstream every time you eat or drink, especially hot food and liquids. Yikes.

After lots of researching, talking to several dentists and consulting with a holistic dentist, I weighed both sides and decided to go with the holistic dentist, because I just felt safer, knowing that if there is a reason to be concerned, at least I was being protected in some important ways during the removal process.

Because I believe in the holistic healing approach to wellness, this just seemed right for me. Not to mention I have always had a severe panic and anxiety response every time I get in the dentist chair, but this experience was quite a bit different for me.

Holistic dental care looks at the tooth meridian as it connects to certain organs in the body -- the same idea as acupuncture in the sense that it is based on the belief that there is always a meridian
connection in the body, from one point, leading to another. It was interesting to find out that one tooth I had worked on was along the meridian line of my adrenal glands (which I have been working to heal for years and still have a way to go), so I felt intuitively that this might just help my body out in some way.

My treatment experience was unlike any dentist experience I have had in my life. I walked in and instantly felt the higher, moving energy in the office. It was homey, clean, lots of daylight and very different from what you may expect going into a dental office. There was beautiful, massive healing crystals displayed throughout the entire office. The windows in the treatment room were open to allow fresh air in, there was peaceful music playing in the background and a few pieces of large machinery that looked very serious, but I felt at ease for some reason, which is huge for me. Did I mention I usually have panic attacks at the dentist?

And while I had a bit of nervousness, I think it was the combination of feeling safe and cared for in a very different way that put me at ease. I was given a few tablets of chlorella (which helps move heavy metals out of the body instead of allowing them to bind to tissues) and, because the dentist knew I had dental anxiety, he gave me a mineral homoeopathic remedy to calm my nerves.

Once the freezing was in, I was given pure oxygen to breath throughout the procedure. It is believed that part of our exposure risk is breathing in the partials and vapours during the removal process but the fresh oxygen also helped keep me calm while I focused on breathing through the drilling process - which is never fun for anyone!

After one-and-a-half hours in the dentist chair, a sore jaw and numb face, I was done! And I honestly can say, that while going to the dentist is never fun for anyone, this was the best experience I have ever had. So, I am sold.

Regardless of whether or not the mercury was toxic to my body, I believed in the process and the treatment because it spoke to my belief that there is a holistic healing approach to everything we do, even dentistry. While I do not look forward to the next round, I am not as fearful of going to the dentist either because I had such a positive experience.

If you have mercury fillings, my suggestion would be to do your own research and decide if having them removed is a good option. Talk to your dentist, read books, do Internet research, have a consult with a holistic dentist, gather as much information as you can and then do what feels right for you.

Leanne is a Holistic Counsellor at Soulwork Holistic Counselling & Wellness Services, a writer, blogger, entrepreneur, and mother of three. She strives to maintain balance in her life, and teaches her children to do the same. She can be reached at 250-319-3630 or soulworkcounselling.com

Please note: This article is based on Leanne's personal experience and opinions. It is intended for informational purposes only, and is not meant to override the care and advice of your current dentist.

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