WE ASKED YOU: Where's the best place to get a cup of coffee in Kamloops?

Need a jolt of java this weekend? A springtime sip of the devil's bean?

If there's one thing Kamloops is exceptionally good at - besides planting marigolds in mile-long rows and giving rise to bastketball superkids like Kelly Olynyk - it's how to brew a good cup of coffee.

In a town that prides itself as the Tournament Capital of Canada, there are a good dozen coffee shops worthy of winning Olympic gold and a coveted residency in the Coffee Hall of Fame (if there really is one).

How do we know? Earlier this week, we asked our Daily News Facebook fans and Twitter followers to tell us about their favourite java joints.

"Red Beard Roasters is my favourite," said Nicole Deanne Jelinski, who was among the first to post on our Facebook page.

"The coffee is so good, it's locally owned, and has a relaxed vibe to it. Not to mention the owners are amazing."

Seems she isn't the only Red Beard fan, either. The Tranquille Road coffee shop, which opened last November in the former Caffe Motivo location, is gaining quite the following.

It racked up the most endorsements on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

"My favourite is their Salted Caramel Latte," said Tiffany Christianson, who heaped praise via Facebook.

"(It's) made with all natural syrup, too. Every single person that works there makes excellent coffee and they all make you feel so at home. It's a wonderful atmosphere."

Red Beard fan Audrey Carrier said the coffee shop's "awesome sauce" cappuccino and London Fog were two drinks worth ordering.

A perennial favourite, of course, is Caffe Motivo on Victoria Street. Nearly half of the respondents cited it.

"Great selection of coffee, outstanding staff and nods to our cowboy heritage," posted Emile Scheffel.

Geralyn Beaton added, "Caffe Motivo for sure! All the baristas are great, but Greg and Jake are particularly awesome. Great coffee, amazing desserts."

At least a third of the respondents named The Art We Are at 246 Victoria St. as the best place for a cuppa joe.

"I had one of the best cafÉ mocha's of my life at The Art We Are," said Jay Denney.

Plenty of votes also came in for:

- Oops CafÉ, 274 Third Ave.
- Frankly Coffee, 437 Lansdowne St.
- The Grind, 476 Victoria St.
- Blenz Coffee, 210 Victoria St.
- Zack's Coffee, 377 Victoria St.
- Starbucks, any location
- The Lunch Box CafÉ , 1021 McGill Rd.
- Ploughman's Lunch, 152 Victoria St.
- CaffÉ Arianna, 272 Lansdowne St.

"Rosario at Caffe Arianna makes the most incredible cappuccino," said Lorraine Mallon.

"The best in town."

So, there you have it - the best java joints in Kamloops, as named by a few of our town's coffee connoisseurs.

If you start now, you can hit all 12 shops in one weekend.

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