Producer/director sees Dark Moments ahead

Series trailer project holds cattle call

"Somewhere in the mist, the edge of reality hangs on like a myth …"

Somewhere - if all goes according to Shayne Turner's plan - is Kamloops.

Turner, a producer/director based in Heffley Creek, is in the initial stage of developing a new TV serial thriller to be set in true-to-life Kamloops.

"We're hoping to bring a complete TV series to Kamloops, and in that, we'll promote the whole area," said Turner, a veteran of the business.

Kelly Aulin, vice-president of the Interior Filmmakers (formerly the B.C. Interior Film and TV Society) has signed on as production manager.

First order of priority is the production of a series trailer that Turner plans to post on YouTube and the new website iLoops. To that end, the pair is hoping a few more venturesome crew and cast sign on with a cattle call session set for Saturday, June 16, 10 a.m.-6 p.m. at the Plaza Heritage Hotel.

"The trailer is being done at zero budget," Turner said, meaning that it requires volunteer initiative to get the project off the ground. He's hoping the trailer publicity will help to woo the interest of potential sponsors.

Why a dramatic TV thriller in an era when TV dramas are a hard sell?

Turner figures the market is ripe for a change of theme.

"The world is saturated with werewolves, zombies and ghouls. TV viewers hunger for fare that offers more substance, more food for the imagination, he believes. He described Dark Moments as a modern suspense thriller, Magnum PI meets the Twilight Zone. The plot centres around a reporter who escapes his high-profile past at a small newspaper. In the trailer, a mysterious disappearance drags him back to reality.

As a whole, they plan to produce as many as 60 episodes over a five-year period.

"Every episode will have a twist ending."

One of the essential ingredients for the larger project is sponsorship. Turner hopes the promise of publicity will entice sponsors to back the project. He sees opportunity through incidental product placement within the series.

Turner's TV career began in the 1960s when he was a child actor. Since moving to the B.C. Interior, he's appeared as an actor in films such as The A Team, The Andromeda Strain and 2012. He expects to be on the other side of the camera for this project.

For the trailer, they're looking for keen volunteers, not necessarily screen talent.

"We don't need great acting skills. These are very fast clip shots."

Anyone interested in learning more about the project can contact him at 250-578-7074 or by email at

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