Come and enjoy a musical hug from Johnson Sandwich

There's a story Caitlin Johnson and sister Mallory tell every time they play a venue together and it's one people who attend their show at The Commodore on Friday will likely get to hear.

It has to do with the name of the sisters' band, Johnson Sandwich.

Johnson Sandwich isn't actually named after type of sandwich and it's nothing risquÉ either, although the sisters' dad sometimes worries it can be taken that way.

In truth, the Johnson sisters are prone to hugging people at the same time. And they call that greeting or goodbye a Johnson sandwich. It's also the way they describe their brand of music - like a musical hug.

"Now our dad makes us tell that story at every show so no one gets the wrong idea," Johnson joked.

Family is a big part of Johnson Sandwich. The sister's parents attend every concert possible, as do a collection of friends. And Johnson and Mallory grew up singing and playing guitar, with Mallory proficient on the bass.

The three-hour set prepared for Friday is a mix of covers from acts like Bruce Springsteen, Van Morrison and Blue Rodeo done to an eclectic and acoustic turn. Johnson described it as fun and easy to listen to, a perfect sound to enjoy a drink and appetizer early in the evening.

"It really takes its own form. We throw our own little spin on it. It's definitely a mixed bag," she said.

This is the third show the sisters have played at The Commodore. Johnson said they enjoy the atmosphere, the crowd and, of course, the food.

The sisters are no strangers to the Kamloops music scene. Both were members of the now defunct Sleeveless Tease and, as Johnson Sandwich, have played venues all over town.

Johnson Sandwich was formed three to four years ago when the sisters were asked to perform at a friend's wedding. Somehow word spread and they were playing a coffee house soon after.

"Then we needed to make a poster and we needed a name and it just kind of went from there," said Johnson.

There's no cover charge for the performance, but Johnson encourages people to get a seat early.

Johnson Sandwich is scheduled to perform from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.

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