Ben Dawson wins 2019 Blizzard Mountain Bike Championship

Although mountain bikers traditionally love to ride in the mud and rain, it was a low turnout for this year’s annual Blizzard Bike Club mountain bike championship at Beatton Park, with just six riders taking part.

While it rained much of the weekend, organizer Pat Ferris felt the 13-kilometre course was, generally, in good condition. Ferris, though, did fall down a small embankment during the race – however, no worse for wear when he crossed the finish line in one hour, 23 minutes, and 40 seconds.

This year’s winner, Ben Dawson, finished the circuit in 54 minutes, 19 seconds, almost a full five minutes ahead of the second and third place finishers. Dawson, originally from Ontario, is a former competitive cyclist, but considers himself “semi-retired” from the sport.

Below is the list of Sunday’s finishing times:

1. Ben Dawson – 54:19
2. LT McDonnell – 59:15
3. Trevor McDonnell – 59:16
4. Megan Ruddell – 1:00:10
5. Lukas Brand – 1:02:07
6. Pat Ferris – 1:23:40

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