Dillon Giancola: Farewell productivity


Every year I eagerly wait for September, and this year is no different. I’m aware I might be alone in this thought, as September signifies the end of summer, the return to school, and even going back to work. But, for me, it really only means one thing — football is back.

However, this year I wished September could wait just a couple more weeks before arriving, not because I’m not eagerly awaiting football — trust me, I am — but because I know what happens during football season.

You see, this summer, and this year as a whole, I’ve been trying to be more productive and healthy, both at work and outside of it. Most recently, it’s been my push to hit the gym every day, lose a couple pounds (or a lot, whichever comes first), and eat better.

I’ve also been writing more, reading more, and been generally more efficient with my time. The Raptors run to the NBA championship in May and June consumed my time and energy in a way I’ve never experienced before, and as a result, I really didn’t mind the slow July and August period in which there is no sports on at all.

It also allowed me to hunker down and work out six days a week, cook and plan healthy meals, and develop other positive habits. This was all because, well, there wasn’t anything better to do.

In case you think this column is just an excuse to brag about all the great things I’m doing and how strong my willpower is, fear not. Football is back and now I don’t want to do anything.

Sure, I’ll continue to do a good job at work, and I’ll keep my house clean, but how am I supposed to go to the gym when there is 10 hours of football on Sunday, and football on Thursday and Monday? God forbid I take into consideration any Friday night CFL action.

Because I’m committed, I’ll do what I need to do. Maybe I’ll start going to the gym in the mornings like the smart people do, but then what do I eat?

I’m sorry, but a grilled chicken breast and a nice green, leafy salad doesn’t exactly measure up to football foods like nachos, wings, and chilli.

The thing is, I knew this was coming, and that’s the only real reason I was able to go so hard this summer. Because, no matter how hard we try to focus on positive change, we all have those things we have a passion for and can’t quit.

Mine just happens to be watching NFL football on a Sunday afternoon. Well, plus hockey, basketball, and baseball playoffs, which will all jump into the mix in October. And maybe add in some college football and club soccer for good measure.

Still, there’s no reason to panic. I’m a new person, and if this column resonates with you, you are too. Who knows, maybe in Week 7 when the Dolphins play any other terrible team, we’ll be able to say, “Hey, I think I’ve watched enough football this week and going to the gym was really fun.”

But probably not. 

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